Chef's Table:

Premium Tasting Menu Experience

An exclusive dining experience for you & your pod, 

designed to invite you to discover all of your senses as you travel the globe through a range of global cuisines


~ 8 Unique dishes served over 4 Courses

~ Three menus to choose from: Premium, All-Out, or Vegetarian

 * A deposit will be required to secure your reservation


For Parties of 8 - 12 People

Exclusive Table in our Lounge

Two Seatings  |  5:30PM & 8:30PM

Reservations by Phone Only

How Does It Work?

Call ahead with the size of your party & your menu of choice. Click the buttons below to view each menu.


Each person will receive all 8 small plates, as well as an Amuse Bouche at the start of the meal, and champagne & sorbet halfway through the meal.

Two seatings per night, every night we are open:

5:30PM & 8:30PM. 



Please allow us at least 48 hours advanced notice so we can provide the highest quality experience for you.

Special arrangements can be made for parties exceeding 12 people. 

Reservations by Phone Only:

Please call (607) 319-4248